Men’s fashion trends for 2021

Men’s fashion trends for 2021

With the New Year upon as it may be a good time to take a look at a few broad fashion trends that are coming up and that will change the way, we dress in 2021. For instance, it seems like streetwear as such is going out of style and bigger, more noticeable, and flashy pieces are to be found everywhere.

There are also trends when it comes to the use of bold and noticeable colors that are in line with this. If there’s one color that will signify the upcoming fashion season it’s definitely going to be red.


The first major trend of the upcoming winter will be the one that will help us the most when it comes to fighting off freezing colds. Oversized tailoring and large and noticeable winter coats are back in style and they are usually followed up with strong shoulders and rather dramatic sleeves.

Until recently this trend was mostly seen in bold fashion shows and it didn’t make its way to actual streetwear, but now when the lines between the two are being blurred to the point that they are one of the same, big coats are coming out.


Prints were already a thing in 2020 but since the year was what it was, it’s pretty much fine to have a do-over and to try this one, one more time and see if it will stick. Geometric prints were mostly pushed by Prada, while Louis Vuitton went for a surrealist theme.

Some of the print motives are going to be noticeable in the winter but this is more of a summer trend and you’ll have to wait a bit to show your total print, since they are more effective in light and airy, summer colors.


Fashion trends on big and loud motifs have been going back and forth for years. For the upcoming year, it’s best to go as big and as loud as you possibly can. For the time being the most popular motif to be featured in most men’s clothing are faces.

A great thing about this trend is that it works for a variety of colors, materials, textures, and motifs and it’s an opportunity to express yourself while still remaining true to the zeitgeist in which your fashion statement was made.

All red

Red will probably be the most used color in 2021. The whole theme that’s emerging is about being bold and being a bit out there with your fashion choices and that’s what red usually does. Don’t hesitate to go all red in some cases, possibly with a bit of black to put emphasis on motifs.

This will be the case with all materials, fabrics, and styles since there are ways to make red work in a lot of different contexts. A word of advice, if you feel like you overdid it a bit, that means you’re doing just fine.


When it comes to winter fashion, you should open the new year by going all-in on the check print since it’s going to be everywhere. It’s retro-looking and it fits well with the other big theme of the year and that’s bringing back the 70s and the look that they are remembered for.

It’s important to note that this trend is best left behind once the spring comes since it’s working best with broadly tailored bulky clothes that work well in the winter. Once spring comes it will be time to reinvent your look once again and that’s what fashion is all about in the end.

May 18th 2021

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