How to dress business casual in winter

How to dress business casual in winter

One of the best things about winter is the wardrobe that comes out. It gives you a chance to experiment with a lot of different styles, layers, accessories, and textures. It’s the best time to be creative in choosing every outfit.

However, this isn’t always practical. This is especially noticeable for women in the workplace who need to make a balance between making their attire business casual as the rules of the office demand and who want to stay warm and cozy in the winter. Both can be done at once.


Shoes probably present the biggest challenge when it comes to a work attire and dressing up for winter. This is, even more, the case who have a long commute to work, because the shoes used to keep you warm during the commute and the ones to be worn around the office are rarely the same.

There’s a simple and too often overlooked solution to this problem. Swap your shoes at work and you won’t have to worry about finding the pair that will keep you both sharply dressed and dry during a snow storm. It’s an additional thing to pack, but it’s worth it.

Coates are your friends

A big warm, oversized coat is your best friend in the winter. It plays two purposes: it will keep you dry during your commute and allow for your work outfit to remain intact during the commute, which is the main reason to invest in a good one.

There’s also a second purpose. An oversized, so-called boyfriend's coat is also a fashion statement and one that’s rather popular to make lately. It’s a chic piece mostly inspirited by the fashion of the 80s when big jackets and big shoulder pads were in style.


It’s often said that layers are the key to staying warm in the winter, but many don’t take this advice to heart. It’s always preferable to have layers than to rally on the fabric of a single item of clothes to keep you warm. Layers will also allow you to adopt the office environment faster and give you options in terms of style and colors.

A thin long-sleeved shirt underneath a sweater and a scarf to match are the best combinations to get you through a long and cold day and there are still ways to add a warm jacket on that.

Sweaters can be business attire

Sweaters are perfectly fine as business attire in most offices. There are some professional settings (such as courtrooms) where they really don’t fit, but other than that, there’s no reason not to be cozy and warm while you’re on the job. They could also be accompanied by a classic and understated blanket scarf and you’re all set.

Choosing the color is a bit more complicated since you’ll need to go for something mild and subdued in order to fit in with a business theme, but you can make it work with the right top to match.

Quality tights

Quality tights will help you expand your wardrobe in the winter by adding dresses to it without having to suffer the cold. Cotton dresses are your best option because of the weather, and black tights make snow boots work in the right combination.

They are also a way to make any skirt a part of business attire as long as they are tasteful and match the decorum around your office. With black thights, you can also add splashes of color with accessories and make the whole outfit more noticeable and chic.

May 18th 2021 David Minaya

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